Southern dogs gorge on cicadas

With the emergence of the worlds largest periodic cicada brood has come an uncomfortable problem for some Southern dogs: diarrhea.
Yum. To a dog, anyway.
According to a local news station in Greenwood, S.C., veterinarians are seeing an increase in dogs that have become sick with diarrhea from eating too many of the crunchy insects.
The cicadas of Brood XIX, or the Great Southern Brood as it is sometimes known, come out of the ground every 13 years to mate and then die within a month. The huge brood covers parts of 16 states. Cicadas are not toxic and even humans can eat them, but in large quantities they can cause diarrhea, upset stomach or vomiting in dogs, according to a veterinarian quoted in the Columbia (Mo.) Tribune.
The emergence is supposed to peak in mid-June and will last for a few weeks after that.

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