AAHA phases out Seal of Acceptance program

After much deliberation and input from several members of the pet insurance industry, the American Animal Hospital Association’s Board of Directors has decided to phase-out of the Seal of Acceptance program for high-deductible pet insurance policies beginning July 1, 2011.

Among the goals of the AAHA Seal of Acceptance was to encourage pet insurance companies to offer high-deductible, low-premium pet insurance policies. The program was successful in achieving this goal based purely on the number of polices that have earned the Seal. However, the Association began receiving requests from its members, pet insurance representatives and pet owners for additional Seal of Acceptance requirements and policy scrutiny.

The Board decided that members and pet owners would be better served if the Association discontinued the Seal of Acceptance and reallocated resources to general pet insurance education for the veterinary profession and pet owners.

AAHA has alerted the pet insurance companies that have a policy that had earned the Seal about the Board’s decision and is working with them on phasing out the program completely by Dec. 31, 2011. Meanwhile, AAHA will continue to invest in educating pet owners about insurance and other payment options to help them meet the cost of veterinary care.