Just for Fun: Pups pop up on college campuses

With college finals in the air, things may just be going to the dogs – quite literally.

Pups are popping up at universities across the nation as more and more colleges turn to dogs to provide stress-relief and comfort for often over-worked students.

A law librarian started a pet therapy program at Emory University this year after hearing about a similar one at the University of California, San Francisco.

Pooches are also making an appearance in counseling centers, where students can visit regularly to take the edge off with a good dose of fur.

From counseling centers to libraries and even to pet-friendly dorms, pups are slowly padding their way onto U.S. campuses.

Think you’ve heard it all? How about "Rent-a-Puppy" day, where students can book time with a puppy from a local animal shelter for a mere $5? Read more from the Associated Press.

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