10 summer safety tips for clients

As the summer heats up heading into the 4th of July holiday, pet owners may be asking their veterinarians to provide tips and suggestions on how to keep their pets safe. Use these 10 tips for pet owners to encourage summer safety for both pets and people.

Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

1. When the fireworks start, keep your pet confined indoors.
Animals have been known to leap through glass windows and even eat through crates, harming themselves, to get away from the noise of fireworks.

2. Pets will seek out small spaces to hide – such as behind the couch, under the bed, etc. Make sure you make "safe" places available to them to reduce their stress.

3. Consider administering an anti-anxiety medication to your pet prior to festivities involving fireworks. You can get such medications from your veterinarian.

4. If possible, stay with your pet during the fireworks, soothing and reassuring him to keep stress down.

5. Make sure your pet’s collar has a tag with your phone number and that your pet has been micro-chipped with up-to-date address and contact information.
In case your pet runs away, this will make reuniting easier.

6. If a wasp or bee stings your pet be on the watch for vomiting, itchiness, hives, swelling or diarrhea.
If they occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

7. Keep your pet from foraging through leftover picnic foods in the backyard.
Corncobs, ribs, hot dogs and other picnic fare can cause gastrointestinal distress to animals.
8. With guests coming and going from the backyard, make sure gates stay closed so your pets don’t slip away unseen.

9. If multiple dogs from different households are present, monitor their play and separate them as needed to avoid fights and injuries.


10. If the party is at someone else’s house, keep your pet at home and inside. It can also help to create "white noise" by turning on the TV or radio. This can distract your pet from the firework noise and help keep the animal calm.