Smartphone-based veterinary heart monitor hits market

Veterinarians and pet owners can now make phone calls, browse the Internet, and monitor animals’ hearts all from the same device, according to MobiHealthNews.

The first smartphone-based veterinary electrocardiograph (ECG) device has entered the market with the intention of providing a more portable and cost-effective way to monitor animal heart health. The heart monitor attaches to the iPhone and provides the phone with the ability to quickly read the electrical activity in an animal’s heart.
The monitor, made by AliveCor, can read single-lead ECG waveforms from felines, canines and equines, according to MobiHealthNews. The $199 device is a plastic case that is designed to attach to the back of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. The case features two metal electrodes that function as the contacts for obtaining ECG readings from animal patients.
In order to work with the data obtained from the veterinary heart monitor, users must download a free app called AliveECG Vet from iTunes. The app enables users to annotate waveform graphs, store them on a cloud server, print them or email them in PDF format.
According to MobiHealthNews, the heart monitor currently only works with iPhones, but the device’s maker is working on making the product compatible with other devices such as tablets and Android phones.
The veterinary heart monitor joins a rapidly growing selection of apps for veterinarians, including veterinary dictionaries, DVM calculators, and veterinary drug handbooks. Veterinarians can even purchase a $399 diagnostic imaging atlas app that helps to “validate diagnostic findings and justify in-hospital and referral procedures.”
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