‘Animal Practice’ canceled after airing only five episodes

The television series Animal Practice was apparently as popular with critics as it was with real veterinarians.

That’s not a good thing for the show.

NBC announced that it would run three more episodes for a total of eight aired episodes, and then the network will send the series to the failed-show graveyard.

The television series, which featured Weeds star Justin Kirk, began losing audience members by the thousands soon after it debuted. According to Entertainment Weekly, Animal Practice quickly became the lowest-rated broadcast show in its time slot.

In addition to its shortcomings in the numbers department, the show raised the ire of PETA and other animal welfare groups, which claimed that Dr. Rizzo, a character “played” by The Hangover’s Crystal the Monkey, was the subject of cruel treatment by the show’s makers. PETA said that forcing Crystal to wear a lab coat and likely prompting her to “smile” by introducing the stimulus of fear was cruel and caused her to suffer.

Anyone interested in viewing the remaining episodes of Animal Practice can view them Wednesdays on NBC at 8/7c.

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