Texas woman wants PetSmart to stop selling rope toys

A San Antonio woman is fighting to have rope toys pulled from PetSmart stores after her dog reportedly died from ingesting part of one.

According to an article on WOAI.com, 1-year-old pug-beagle mix Perry shredded his rope toy and ingested one of the strings. His owner, Lea Robinson, said the string began cutting Perry’s intestine, leading to two surgeries that ultimately could not prevent Perry’s death.

Robinson is asking PetSmart - where she bought the “flimsy” rope toy - to reimburse her for approximately $5,000 in bills related to Perry’s treatment, the article said. She also is encouraging PetSmart to remove the rope toys from stores, but she reports that she isn’t sure whether the retailer will eventually fulfill that request.

To spread the word about her cause, Robinson created a Facebook page titled Perry’s Mission, where she posts photos of Perry, links to media coverage, and links to articles about other pets that have died after eating rope toys.

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