DNA testing eyed to solve dog poop deluge in Dallas

A foul-smelling case of excessive dog poop in Dallas, Texas, has driven one company to propose a high-tech solution, according to NBC 5.

Tennessee-based Poo Prints recently demonstrated its DNA Pet Waste Management system to the Dallas City Council in hopes that the city will adopt the system to analyze unscooped poop for DNA and track down irresponsible dog owners.

According to News 5, some city council members are intrigued by the Poo Prints system, but even if the city were to consider its use, there are logistical and budgetary issues that need to be explored. For example, the city would have to find a way to get pet owners to submit their pets for DNA collection, as well as determine how to cover the cost of the testing kits.

Poo Prints charges $29.95 for kits to collect DNA and enter the samples in a registry, and $49.95 for kits to analyze droppings for DNA and trace them back to their origin.

Although it remains to be seen whether Dallas would actually adopt the Poo Prints system, the city does need to do something about the amount of dog waste lying around, the Dallas Observer said.

According to the Observer, the city mailed a public service announcement to Dallas residents stating that dogs produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste every day. That waste is then diluted by rain or sprinklers and washed into rivers, which affects the city’s water supply.

While the citywide use of Poo Prints kits might sound like a longshot idea, NBC 5 pointed out that there is an apartment complex already using the Poo Prints system in Dallas, and the complex is reportedly seeing positive results.

The apartment complex requires residents to have their pets’ DNA recorded, and it fines residents $250 for droppings that are not picked up. The second offense can even lead to the owner’s eviction, News 5 said.

“We’ve gone from picking up maybe an hour a day of poop, to picking up maybe one or two a month,” manager Joshuah Welch told the news station.

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