NY animal hospital reportedly ignores starving dog for second time

A veterinary hospital in Buffalo, New York, is accused of refusing to help a starving puppy found on its property on a freezing November day.

The incident, which has sparked an investigation by the local SPCA, marks the second time the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital has reportedly refused aid to a starving dog on its premises.

Two emergency medical responders were driving their ambulance past the animal hospital on Nov. 28 when they spotted a pit bull lying on the pavement. The dog was skin and bones, and it was so weak that it could hardly raise its head off the pavement, an EMT told WIVB.com.

They stopped to help the dog and alert the hospital of its dire situation, but when they knocked on the door, a man allegedly told them he already knew about it and that he had contacted the SPCA. Then he allegedly slammed the door in their faces.

The responders transported the dog to the local SPCA shelter while attempting to warm it in their ambulance.

When WIVB.com paid a follow-up visit to the hospital, an employee reportedly told them that the man who initially answered the door was a custodian who is not authorized to handle animals.

This isn’t the first report of the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital failing to help an animal in need, WIVB.com said. A starving dog left on the hospital's grounds in 2009 spent more than 24 hours outside before someone reported it to the SPCA. In that case, the dog had to be put to sleep three days later.

The SPCA Serving Erie County is investigating the hospital to get to the bottom of the story, and doctors are doing their best to help the puppy recover although its condition doesn’t leave them overly confident, according to WIVB.com.

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