Vet tech bitten by rabid dog that was abandoned at hospital

The owner of Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Opelika, Alabama, is contemplating whether or not to take legal action against dog owners who reportedly abandoned their rabid Chow-mix inside the clinic’s fenced kennel area, according to

The dog bit a veterinary technician at the clinic on Nov. 3 and was subsequently euthanized.

A rabies test later confirmed that the dog was infected with the disease, which meant the bitten technician and other exposed clinic employees had to take post-exposure prophylaxis measures.

The dog’s owners allegedly anonymously abandoned the animal inside the kennel area. They came forward to police several days later after seeing reports in the news about the incident, according to

While a rabies officer from the Alabama Department of Public Health said the department will not press charges against the owners, the clinic’s owner, Laura Rider, told the media that she is still weighing legal action because one of her employees did sustain injuries.

“Our goal in pursuing this person was not to press charges against them, but to find out who they were so they and anyone else who came in contact with this animal could be taken care of,” Rider told “At the same time, what they did was wrong because it ended up resulting in someone innocent being injured.”

The rabies officer said he is also encouraging any members of the community potentially exposed to rabies to seek treatment.

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