Pit bull recovering from ax attack set to join new home

After more than five weeks of extensive work by Florida veterinarians, a pit bull named Axel who was wounded in a brutal attack is on his way to joining a permanent home.

Axel was brought into Beach Veterinary Clinic on Nov. 26 with severe head injuries from an attack that police suspect was carried out with an ax or other blunt object, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Veterinarians at the clinic told the media that although the pit bull’s brain was unscathed in the attack, his sinuses were damaged.

Axel has displayed a remarkably friendly personality throughout his extended stay at the hospital, which has included surgery to remove bone fragments, a drain to reduce infection, and many doses of painkillers and antibiotics, the Bradenton Herald said.

His case has elicited an overwhelming response from the community, including donations to pay for his care as well as the creation of a reward for the arrest and conviction of the dog’s attacker. In fact, Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon donated $10,000 to push the total reward amount to $13,600, the news outlet said.

After all he has endured since he was found injured, Axel will soon be able to enjoy a normal life at the new home that Animal Services selected for him. He is scheduled to move to his new home in mid-January following heartworm treatment, according to the Bradenton Herald.