AVMA announces formation of Marketplace Fairness Coalition

The AVMA is taking steps to ensure that the marketplace allows small-business veterinarians to compete on level playing ground with other businesses.

The organization announced that it has joined forces with more than 200 businesses and trade associations to form the Marketplace Fairness Coalition, which will support the business community to “pass federal legislation that empowers states to update their sales and use tax laws to level the playing field for all sellers,” according to an AVMA news release.

The AVMA and the Marketplace Fairness Coalition are standing firmly behind the introduction of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which consists of bipartisan companion Senate and House bills. According to the AVMA, the Marketplace Fairness Act will:

  • Give all sellers the chance to compete in a free market without government preferences
  • Relieve consumers of having to self-report sales and use taxes they already owe
  • Exempt truly small businesses
  • Give states a roadmap for simplification that will provide them with flexibility to respond to today’s evolving marketplace

“While it is evident that losing customers who turn to online companies for their pets’ medications results in a negative impact on the business of veterinary medicine, it is important to understand that our first concern involves the lack of quality control for our patients’ prescriptions and our inability to ensure that they are receiving not only the right products, but safe products,” said Dr. Mark Lutschaunig, veterinarian and director of AVMA’s Governmental Relations Division. “It is essential that this legislation is passed so that veterinarians are not at an unfair disadvantage when it comes to providing the products and medications that our nation’s pets need and deserve.”