Chinese dogs get their own public restrooms

A select group of dogs in China will soon know what it’s like to wait in line for public restrooms.

The Chinese city of Shenzhen recently decided to install public toilets for dogs near parks and sidewalks in an effort to keep public areas free of pet waste, according to the Huffington Post. The toilets are filled with sand and measure around 10 square feet

The city has built 80 public toilets so far, with up to 1,000 more planned if the initial results are positive.

The city decided to build the restrooms in accordance with the city’s new “civility” laws that financially penalize people who engage in uncivilized public behavior such as spitting or smoking in non-smoking areas, the Huffington Post said. Pet owners who neglect to clean up after their dogs will be subject to a fine equaling around $80.

According to the Huffington Post, Shenzhen is not the first country to address public pet waste by building public pet restrooms. The city of Bogota, Colombia, built public dog toilets in 2010 that consist of cement structures containing sand mixed with lime powder to control odors and prevent the spread of bacteria.

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