California veterinarian campaigning to legalize pet medical marijuana

If California veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer has his way, cats and dogs will someday become legal recipients of medical marijuana prescriptions.

The headline-making veterinarian who is devoted to holistic health care for pets has been actively campaigning for the legalization of medical marijuana for pets, according to VICE Magazine.

Kramer first began seriously considering the idea of treating chronically pained cats and dogs with marijuana when a client came to him to discuss her pet that was not responding to standard pain medications, VICE reported. The client's curiosity about using marijuana for pets got him so interested in the subject that he eventually ended up giving THC to his own dog who was suffering from untreatable cancer.

According to Kramer, the favorable results he witnessed in his own dog were enough to convince him that marijuana could be useful for treating other pets' pain.

"At the first dosage, she was up and around. I didn’t cure her. It was just a question of increasing her quality of life and putting off inevitably euthanizing her," Kramer told VICE.

Kramer said he has also seen sick cats recover their appetites after they ingested THC.

"We’re using it on cats as much, if not more [than on dogs], as an appetite stimulant. Cats are finicky, especially when they’re really sick," Kramer said.

Kramer strongly emphasized that he does not believe in the practice of blowing marijuana smoke in pets' faces, which he called animal abuse. Instead, he recommended using a glycerin cannabis tincture that can be placed on the dog's tongue or added to homemade dog treats.

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