Texas House of Representatives considering gas euthanasia ban

The Texas Senate recently unanimously passed legislation proposed by Sen. Kirk Watson to ban gas euthanasia for shelter pets. The legislation - Senate Bill 360 - is now under consideration by the Texas House of Representatives.

According to Mother Nature Network, several Texas cities have already banned gas euthanasia, including San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. In addition, 16 states have passed legislation banning the practice, which has long been declared inhumane by animal welfare groups and veterinarians.

In the bill, Watson recognized that the state had previously taken a step forward with its passing of the Texas Euthanasia Act of 2003, which limited euthanasia options to gas euthanasia and sodium pentobarbital. Prior to that, shelters were allowed to kill animals using violent methods such as drowning, clubbing, shooting, and strangling.

But with the newest proposed legislation, Watson made it clear that the legislation's supporters are ready for the state's euthanasia laws to evolve even further.

“This switch from carbon monoxide to sodium pentobarbital within Texas cities demonstrates the overwhelming change in attitude towards shelter euthanasia,” Watson wrote.

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Read the AAHA position statement on euthanasia or the 2013 AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals

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