New wearable device takes dog activity tracking to a new level

Pet owners with an affinity for technology will have a new toy to play with this summer with the upcoming release of the Whistle, a wearable device for dogs that tracks their activity and rest patterns.

According to PC Magazine, the disc-shaped, waterproof device attaches to a dog's collar to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the animal's activity and rest patterns. It enables dog owners to synchronize the device with their mobile devices and home networks via built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi radios.

The device's maker, also called Whistle, is positioning the gadget as a way for dog owners to track their pets' activity, as well as a reference point for veterinarians looking for detailed data about their patients' activity levels. The device enables owners to generate digital graphs and will soon offer printed reports showing the dog's resting and activity patterns over time, which can help veterinarians stay abreast of any concerning changes in the dog's lifestyle.

According to Ben Jacobs, Whistle's CEO and co-founder, the product has the potential to significantly change the way owners and veterinarians monitor dogs' daily lives.

“Whistle started from our love of dogs. We’re introducing a window into their lives, creating a way for owners and vets to take a preventative approach to our pets’ health,” Jacobs said in a press release. “To provide the best care requires information on day-to-day needs and long-term trends, which until now, have never been available.”

According to PC Magazine, an important function of the Whistle is its ability to differentiate between different types of activity such as walking or playing in order to more accurately show how dogs spend their time. The Whistle is also able to distinguish between owner-directed playtime and self-initiated activity, which is important because dogs will often engage in owner-directed activity even in poor health.

Consumers can pre-order the product for $99 and they will begin shipping later in the summer, the company said.

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