Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Company recalls frozen foods

The Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Company announced that it is recalling two frozen food products due to salmonella concerns.

According to a letter to consumers posted on the New York-based company's website, the two products being recalled are:

  • Abady Frozen High Stress/High Performance Dog Food 3 lbs.
  • Abady Frozen Growth Formula for Puppies of the Large & Giant Breed 3 lbs.

The recall comes as a result of the FDA conducting tests that turned up a positive result for salmonella in a food sample, the company said in the letter.

The recalled products were mostly distributed in Northeastern states including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, according to

Anyone who purchased the products can return them to the store where they made the purchase, as well as contact the company at 845-473-1900 with questions.