Partners for Healthy Pets ads to hit People Magazine, other high-profile media outlets

In addition to the "Sexiest Men Alive" feature planned for People Magazine's December edition, the magazine will include something that veterinarians will appreciate: an eye-catching Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) advertisement advising pet owners to call their veterinarian today to schedule a preventive healthcare exam.

Beginning in September, PHP will demand attention from pet owners nationwide in advertisements featured in People, O Magazine,, and many other high-profile online destinations and print publications. Television public service announcements are planned for 2014, PHP said.

The campaign, spearheaded by AAHA, the AVMA, the AVMF, and more than 90 organizations across all levels of the veterinary profession, will ensure that millions of pet owners get the message: "Call your veterinarian and make an appointment for a yearly checkup today!"

AAHA donated $200,000 to support the effort and hopes the comprehensive campaign will trigger a surge of people bringing their pets into their local animal hospitals for preventive checkups.

The print-centered piece of the advertising blitz will begin in October and see PHP ads placed in several high-profile publications, including People, O Magazine, Prevention, Family Fun, and Everyday with Rachael Ray.

In addition to the print ads, PHP is going digital with the campaign beginning in mid-September. The online  effort will feature advertisements placed on high-traffic websites such as, SheKnows, Yahoo, PetMD/Pet360, and Everyday Health, as well as ad networks and paid search platforms.

Defining the target audience

After in-depth research, PHP determined that the magazines and websites chosen for its ads specifically hit the target audience - females aged 30 to 49 who own pets and have a household income of $75,000 or more. Narrowing down the audience even further, the organization is heavily focused on the 60 percent of pet owners who have an established relationship with a veterinarian but have not visited within the past 18 months.

Even the ads themselves are highly targeted. According to PHP, the group surveyed 450 dog and cat owners from across the country, prompting them to examine different versions of ads and then click on the areas that drew their attention most using heatmap technology.

The information gleaned from the heatmap study enabled PHP to create advertisements that will most effectively direct viewers' eyes to the important messages, which the organization says are "feed daily, yearly checkups, love forever."

More information

Learn more about the consumer campaign as well as PHP's tools for veterinary teams at the Partners for Healthy Pets website.