Veterinarians nursing Alaskan city's cat mayor back to health after dog attack

Veterinarians in Talkeetna, Alaska, are working hard to keep Stubbs, the town's cat mayor, alive after the he was mauled by a large dog.

The unusual story has garnered worldwide attention, and people from around the globe are offering to contribute to the mayor's medical bills, the New York Post reported.

According to the Post, Stubbs has been Talkeetna's mayor for 15 years. The town's citizens wrote him in on the ballot because they disapproved of the human candidates, and Stubbs has held his largely symbolic title ever since.

On Aug. 31, Stubbs was attacked by a large local dog that has been known to be aggressive toward cats, the Post reported. He is resting in intensive care as veterinarians treat him for a punctured lung, bruised hips, fractured sternum, and a severe gash on his side. 

Stubbs' mom, Lauri Stec, said there has been overwhelming support for the furry mayor pouring in from around the globe.

“The outpouring is amazing. It’s pretty special,” Stec told the newspaper. “There’s a lot of bad stuff happening out there, and for people to find an interest in this one famous cat is pretty amazing.”

Stubbs, who maintains a regularly updated Facebook page, updated followers on his condition and advised them on how they can help. His most recent message as of Sept. 6 said:

Thank you once again for your tremendous outpouring of love since my attack. I had the tube from my lung taken out today, and have even had a bit of an appetite (though no mouse hunts are in my immediate future). Several of you have kindly offered financial support with my medical bills. Cards or checks can be sent to:

Mayor Stubbs
c/o Nagley's Store
Box 906
Talkeetna, 99676

Any funds raised exceeding my medical bills will be donated to the local animal shelter. I appreciate each of you and am thankful for your support. 


Mayor Stubbs

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