AVMA releases 'Compounding 101' video to clear up compounding confusion

As the fallout from the October 2012 meningitis outbreak tied to drug compounding continues, many veterinarians are still wondering if their compounding activities are being conducted legally. 

The AVMA is attempting to quickly clear up some of the confusion surrounding compounding with its newly released "Compounding 101" video.

"Compounding 101" stars companion animal practitioner Lori Teller, DVM, who relates compounding information to veterinary professionals so they can make sound judgments and avoid unknowingly practicing compounding outside the law.

The six-minute video offers answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about how compounding rules affect veterinarians, addressing topics such as extra-label use rules and compounding from bulk.

According to the video, the AVMA's scientific activities and governmental relations divisions continue to monitor compounding laws and regulations, and are prepared to fight harmful legislation and advocate for laws that benefit veterinarians' practices and patients.