Independent pathologist shoots down media rumors concerning Trifexis

The news media and social media spent more than a week buzzing about concerns over the safety of the drug Trifexis, but a new summary from an independent pathologist has put to rest allegations that attempted to link Trifexis use with three dog deaths.

According to the AVMA, the independent pathologist's summary of the necropsy/pathology reports show that the deaths of three dogs were unrelated to use of the popular heartworm preventive and parasite and flea therapeutic.

"The summary was derived from the individual pathology/necropsy reports which led attending veterinarians to also conclude that Trifexis was not the cause of death," the AVMA reported.

The pathologist reported in his findings that "In summary, there was no indication in Cases 1 and 2 that Trifexis had a role in the death of these dogs. While case 3 is incomplete, the presence of myocarditis at necropsy also decreases the likelihood that Trifexis had a role in the death of this dog."

The AVMA has updated its information for pet owners, as well as its talking points for veterinarians to help them prepare for any potential discussions with clients about the drug.