Recall of chicken jerky dog treats expanded in Georgia

Bailey's Choice Dog Treats LLC, based in Georgia, is expanding its recent recall of chicken jerky treats to include additional product lots because of salmonella risks. 

There have been no illnesses reported to date involving affected products, but inspectors from the Georgia Department of Agriculture are continuing their efforts to ensure that area retail stores and warehouses are not selling recalled products, the pet food manufacturer reported.

According to the most recent recall notice posted on the FDA website, the Georgia Department of Agriculture's comprehensive list of recalled products now consists of:

  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jun 2 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jun 3 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jun 5 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Breast Treat, lot # "Jun 4 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jun 15 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jul 8 2013"
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # "Jul 11 2013"
  • Packages of various sizes with lot #132881
  • Products with the expiration date Feb. 2014

Information for consumers

Bailey's Choice Dog Treats LLC recommends that consumers return recalled products to the locations where they purchased them for a full refund.

Contact the company at 770-881-0526 or [email protected], or visit for more information.