Pet Nutrition Alliance unveils suite of free nutrition tools for veterinary professionals

The Pet Nutrition Alliance is bringing nutrition tools to the veterinary professional with the launch of a new go-to website for credible pet nutrition resources.

The new website, the first of its kind go-to resource for credible pet nutrition information, was revealed Jan. 19 at the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) conference in Orlando, Fla.

Veterinary professionals know that proper nutrition plays a crucial role in keeping a pet happy and healthy. Good nutrition enhances pets’ quality – and quantity – of life by helping prevent diet-associated diseases, as well as helping pets respond to disease and injury. The Pet Nutrition Alliance seeks to promote the importance of nutrition by equipping veterinary health care teams with the information they need to tackle nutrition in their practices, and to ensure every pet receives a nutritional assessment at every veterinary visit.

The newly launched website offers a collection of tools for veterinary professionals to use in their practices and in educating clients. Resources include:

  • Online educational training on weight loss programs
  • Web conference on pet foods
  • “Healthy Weight Protocol” diagnostic tool
  • Feline and canine assessment forms
  • Physical exam checklists
  • Feeding guides and charts
  • Body and muscle condition score charts
  • Educational nutrition pamphlets for pet owners
  • Step-by-step instructions on reporting pet food complaints
  • Weight translator tool
  • Printable client information sheets
  • Articles on communicating with clients about weight and nutrition

“With obesity and weight-related diseases on the rise, education about proper nutrition for optimal pet health is more important now than ever before,” said Kate Knutson, DVM, chair of the Alliance. “Veterinary health care teams need tangible tools they can use to meet this challenge head-on. Our vision in launching these resources is to bring a variety of credible, vetted nutrition tools to veterinary professionals so that they can better address nutrition in their practices.”

Veterinary professionals can access the Pet Nutrition Alliance website to take advantage of the nutrition resources available.