Colo. considering bill requiring special training for veterinary technicians and specialists

The Colorado Senate is considering a new bill that would require special training for veterinary technicians and specialists.

According to CBS Denver, Democratic Sen. John Kelafas introduced the bill following a 2013 incident where a Yorkie died from an anesthesia accident while a mobile veterinarian neutered the dog. The veterinarian's 16-year-old daughter allegedly administered the anesthesia during the procedure.

The bill currently before the Senate would deem it a deceptive trade practice if a person falsely claims to be a certified veterinary technician or specialist. The bill will not, however, require licensing for veterinary technicians.

Apryl Steele, DVM, a member of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, told the news that veterinarians should ultimately be the ones responsible for ensuring that they are working with qualified and well-trained colleagues.

"If it were required that every veterinarian only use certified veterinary technicians, that would probably negatively impact patient care in these rural areas because there are no certified veterinary technicians, and they wouldn't be allowed to use anyone else," Steel said.

The Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine is currently mulling an appropriate punishment for the veterinarian involved in the Yorkie's accidental death, CBS Denver reported.

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