FDA approves use of VetPen for administering Vetsulin to cats and dogs

The FDA recently announced its approval for Merck's VetPen, which makes it the first automatic injection pen approved for administering insulin in both cats and dogs

The agency said in its news release that Merck’s Vetsulin, a porcine insulin sold in cartridge form, can now be used with the VetPen automatic injection pen. The refillable VetPen automatically measures out the prescribed insulin dose to simplify the injection process for pet owners, the FDA said.

“VetPen was developed to make giving insulin injections more convenient for pet owners, and precision dosing makes it easier to consistently deliver an accurate dose of insulin compared to syringes,” said Kathleen Heaney, DVM, director of technical services for Merck Animal Health, in a company news release. “VetPen initially will be offered in a number of veterinary clinics throughout the country. This will provide us with the opportunity to work with veterinarians on its use – helping to ensure pet owners are administering Vetsulin safely and effectively.”

According to the FDA, Vetsulin was pulled off the market in 2011 because of manufacturing concerns but was reintroduced in 2013. The agency continues to monitor its use.