Partners for Healthy Pets gains major exposure on 'Good Morning America Live'

In its effort to educate pet owners about the importance of regular veterinary checkups, Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) scored a major victory with an April 3 appearance on Good Morning America Live.

The appearance greatly expanded PHP's reach, considering the Good Morning America Live website draws approximately 22 million viewers per month.

Ruthie MacPete, DVM, one of five PHP spokespersons located in top markets across the country, appeared on the popular morning show for about five minutes and used the time to discuss the importance of annual veterinary checkups with the show's hosts, Gio Benitez and Becky Worley.

MacPete led off her appearance by sharing PHP's central message with the nation's pet owners: "The most important thing is that people know how important annual checkups are for their pet." She told the audience that regular visits to the veterinarian are the best way to protect pets from preventable diseases, and that annual checkups are as essential as food and love for pets.

While on the show, MacPete also dispelled some commonly held myths about responsible pet ownership brought up by Benitez and Worley, including that indoor pets don't need vaccinations, that pets don't require dental cleanings, and that people will always know if their pets are sick.

As her appearance was nearing its end, MacPete summarized the importance of regular veterinary checkups for all of the pet owners watching.

"It's the best way to ensure your pet lives the happiest, healthiest life possible," she said. 

View the appearance on the Good Morning America Live website (begins at the 6:50 mark).