AAFP Produces Educational Videos for Veterinary Teams

Veterinary teams know it can be a struggle to get cat owners to schedule routine preventive care for their cats. In an effort to change that, over 1400 practices have started the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice program and already over 600 have been designated. These practices are doing their part to minimize stress for both the cat and client during visits.

 The American Association of Feline Practitionershas recently produced an 8-part videoseries that offers a glimpse into creating a Cat Friendly Practice, and more specifically, how practices are able to provide the highest quality-of-care while showing owners a commitment to address the distinct health needs and special considerations of feline patients.

This video series can be used as an effective resource to share and discuss with your current and new practice team members. The more you can share with your team, the more knowledgeable they will become about what makes a practice cat friendly and how they can do their part.


The series begins with a brief summary of the techniques and recommendations that are detailed in the 8-part series:

Part 1 — How to Make Feline Friendly Changes
Part 2 — Understanding Feline Behavior
Part 3 — Understanding & Preparing for the Feline Veterinary Visit
Part 4 — Being Flexible During Feline Examination
Part 5 — Enhancing the Feline Examination
Part 6 — Feline Friendly Handling during Veterinary Visits
Part 7 — Doing Procedures in the Examination Room
Part 8 — Now You Can Begin to Make Changes in Your Practice

 Click here to watch the video series. The AAFP recommends viewing the videos in order, as they each contain information that is helpful to know in the following video.

Coming Soon - be on the lookout for another video series intended for cat owners about the need for routine preventive visits, as well as why they should consider visiting a Cat Friendly Practice.

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