AVMA encourages practices to celebrate National Pet Week starting May 4

Is your animal hospital ready to celebrate National Pet Week, which runs May 4-10? If not, or if you're just looking for some new ideas, the AVMA has come up with many ways for practices to mark the occasion in their communities.

According to the AVMA, National Pet Week is a prime opportunity for practices to connect with their clients, highlight the human-animal bond, and involve their communities in the celebration (which could potentially bring in new clients).

Some of the AVMA's recommendations for celebrating featured on the National Pet Week website include:

  • Distributing press releases announcing any National Pet Week events or promotions organized by the hospital.
  • Throwing a party, hosting a contest, or organizing other events where pet owners and community members can join in the fun. During these events, hospitals can give away branded marketing materials to make sure people bring something home that reminds them of the hospital.
  • Placing the AVMA-produced National Pet Week video on the hospital's website, Facebook page, or television in the reception area.
  • Joining Partners for Healthy Pets, which offers the entire practice great advice, education, and tools for connecting with clients and effectively communicating the value of preventive care.
  • Giving clients a behind-the-scenes look at hospitals by conducting an open house or giving tours. According to the AVMA, it may be a good idea to invite people to RSVP ahead of time via social media or other means.

The AVMA also encourages hospitals to come up with their own ideas and to share them with other hospitals by commenting on the AVMA website.

More information

You can find many other National Pet Week celebration ideas at the National Pet Week website or the AVMA website.