AAFP releases videos educating cat owners on the need for routine care

Editor's note: This article was contributed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

For many cats and owners, a trip to the veterinarian can be a cause of severe stress.  However, cats need regular veterinary visits in order to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.  Eighty-three percent of cats are taken to the veterinarian in the first year of ownership, yet over half of them don't return. It’s critical for cat owners to understand the importance of routine veterinary check-ups. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is helping in the education process with the launch of its new 3-part video series. These videos offer a glimpse into why it is important to bring your cat to the veterinarian.

The videos also discuss the AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program and how CFPs are able to provide a high quality-of-care while showing owners a commitment to address the distinct health needs and special considerations of feline patients.  

Practices with the CFP designation have proven they have taken specific extra steps to assure they understand a cat’s unique needs and have implemented feline-friendly standards. A primary goal of a CFP is to reduce the stress associated with a veterinarian visit, thus providing a more favorable experience for both the cat and owner. Practice staff members have been trained in how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner as well as have been trained to understand a cats’ distinct needs, behavior, and body language.  Some clinics have even implemented physical changes like adding a cat-only waiting area, exam rooms, or appointment times.    

The videos are effective resources for educating cat owners on how CFPs can help their cats and why routine veterinary care is so important. The series begins with a brief overview of CFPs and how they provide many beneficial services beyond just treating a cat when they are sick or for emergency visits. The videos then address the importance of routine veterinary checkups and conclude with testimonials from an owner who brings her cats to a CFP.  

  • Part 1 — How Can Cat Friendly Practices Help Your Cat 
  • Part 2 — Why Cats Need Routine Veterinary Checkups
  • Part 3 — A Cat Friendly Practice Helps Me and My Cats 

Click here to watch the video series.  To find a CFP in your area or for more information about the program, visit: catvets.com/cfp. For more information on caring for cats and why routine check-ups are so important, visit: catvets.com/cat-owners/caring-for-cats/cat-owner-must-know

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