AVMF announces Dr. Tim Hunt as 2014 'America's Favorite Veterinarian' winner

America has a new favorite veterinarian, and his name is Tim Hunt, DVM.

The AVMF announced Sept. 30 that Hunt is the winner of the second annual "America's Favorite Veterinarian" contest, which the organization says "celebrates the special relationship pet owners share with their veterinarians."

Hunt treats small animals at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic in Marquette, Mich., which he established in 1993. In addition to Hunt's veterinary work in Michigan, he serves as a volunteer veterinarian in Alaska for the Iditarod and founded the Alaska Veterinary Rural Program. The program offers spay/neuter clinics and provides veterinary care in impoverished villages, the AVMF said.

The client who nominated Hunt, Kris Mitchell, singled out one episode where the veterinarian went above and beyond by performing a cesarean section on her bulldog on Christmas morning.

Mitchell wrote, "He has come into his office for us all at times, day or night. He has saved many of my dogs' lives and he has mourned with us when the time has come for them to pass. He truly loves all animals and my dogs love him and his staff."

The public overwhelmingly supported Mitchell's nomination of Hunt, choosing him from among 20 finalists by giving him over 12,000 votes out of more than 86,000, the AVMF said.

"It's humbling to think our community, clients, and friends rallied and showed support in a way I never expected," Hunt said. "Being recognized as a veterinarian in this way is truly heartwarming."

Hunt told Steve Dale in a Chicago Tribune article that becoming such an integral part of people's and pets' lives comes naturally when living in a small town such as Marquette.

"We're in a small town (of about 20,000 people) in a community that cares about one another and helping one another - and I wouldn't have it any other way," Hunt said. 

According to the Tribune article, most of the pet owners in town have Hunt's personal phone number and email address, and he joked that he has "been on call since 1993." 

Visit the America's Favorite Veterinarian website for more information.