Poisoned meatballs continue to pop up in California

Potentially poisoned meatballs continue to appear in California's public areas, prompting area dog owners and animal health officials to be on alert.

In the latest incident, eight meatballs were found on Sept. 20 near a dog park in Santa Rosa, CBS San Francisco reported. According to the television station, animal control officers collected the meatballs from a fenced-in, off-leash dog park and wooded trail.

Local officials reportedly sent the meatballs to the California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory at UC Davis to test the meatballs for poisoning. The results of the analysis will take approximately two weeks to obtain, according to CBS San Francisco.

Local dog owner Joe Sepulveda, one of the men who discovered the meatballs and reported them to police, described their appearance to KTVU.

“(They were) hamburger meatballs – raw meat with little green flecks, not like oregano but like pine nuts or something in them – clearly tainted,” Sepulveda said.

The incident is just one of many that have frayed the nerves of dog owners in both Northern and Southern California over the past few years. Dog owners in Colorado have also had reason to worry, after poisoned meatballs have been found on multiple occasions

Santa Rosa Animal Services officials are recommending that pet owners keep their eyes out for suspicious foods on the ground as they walk their pets in parks and off-leash areas, KTVU reported.