Interactive infographic allows for comparison of veterinary salaries across the U.S.

Are you ever curious about how much your veterinary counterparts are earning in other states, or how your pay stacks up with that of other professions?

An interactive infographic from FlowingData now gives you an easy and slightly addictive way to compare and contrast veterinary salaries across the United States. With the infographic, you can also see how many veterinarians or veterinary technicians work in each state, as well as determine each state's veterinarian-to-technician ratio.

To get started, just choose a state from the drop-down menu, then hover your cursor over the veterinarian or veterinary technician fields to view salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Take a look at the red marking on the image below (you can click on the image to get to the infographic) to get an idea of where you need to hover your cursor as you view information from each state.