Virbac finalizes agreement to acquire two parasiticides for dogs

On January 2, 2015, Virbac closed a deal with Eli Lily and Company to acquire two major parasiticides for dogs in the United States: SENTINEL® and SENTINEL® SEPCTRUM®, previously marketed by Novartis Animal Health. The agreement comes on the heels of Eli Lily and Company’s agreement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to divest its U.S. assets.

In addition to acquiring U.S. rights and titles on Sentinel Flavor tab and Sentinel Spectrum, Virbac has offered employment to some of the staff, predominantly commercial teams, involved in the U.S. companion animal business of Novartis Animal Health. This will allow Virbac to double the size of its commercial operation in the U.S. Sentinel Flavor tabs and Sentinel Spectrum generated net revenue of more than 90 million dollars in the United States in 2014.