And the winner of one pet Halloween contest is...

Originality and creativity go a long way on Halloween, and those skills emerged in a pet Halloween costume conducted by the North Carolina News & Observer.  

Their first place winner was a six-year-old German pinscher and German shepherd mix named Koko. Her owner, Matt Gaebel, dressed Koko as the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, his all-time favorite movie.

Did Koko like the shenanigans?

“Koko is very docile yet energetic,” Gaebel told NEWStat. “She has lots of patience. She did look a bit annoyed but was wagging her tail often throughout the process…. I'm going to give Koko extra treats for putting up with my choice to dress her up.”

Gaebel and Koko will receive a gift card to a locally owned and operated pet shop and a visit from the News & Observer’s staff photographer for a portrait.

Runners up included two doggie jail characters (an inmate and its attorney) and a feline fireman. 

Happy Halloween!

Photo courtesy of Matt Gaebel, © Copyright 2015 Matt Gaebel

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