Veterinary hospital is hero in wake of Northern California fires

One of the burn victims rests after being treated by Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital.

In the wake of the Northern California fires, contained last week, an AAHA-accredited practice is rising from the ashes as one of its heroes.

Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital (Angels Camp) boarded over 100 animals for evacuees of the fire, and treated over 30 cats that were either burned or affected by the fire, some with stress-related issue, Alice Sunseri, Practice Manager, told NEWStat.

The burned cases were shipped to the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) after they had been stabilized. Many of those have been reclaimed, or are in the process of being reclaimed, and those that aren’t will be adopted out. Angels Camp is currently treating two burned cats that came in after the initial wave. 

But Angels Camp wasn’t the only hero in this story.

“As soon as the word got out about the fire, we received donations of medical supplies, [and] volunteers were here and at the fairgrounds to walk animals, and feed and clean cages and runs. Volunteers from [other] veterinary hospitals came to help with the bandage changes,” said Sunseri.

Angels Camp set up a fund; the current tally is $15,000 in donations.

“One of the most surprising and touching things we have noticed during our weeks of caregiving has been the sweet dispositions and gentle habits of our feline friends,” said Sunseri.

“No matter how terrified, painful, or hungry the cats were, they all were surprisingly calm and agreeable, which made our duties to them all the more rewarding.”

Photo Credit: Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital