Grants awarded for feline health studies

What do your feline patients want for Christmas? Besides treats and toys, good health is no doubt on the list. And lucky for felines, grants were recently awarded toward that end.

On Nov. 23, the Winn Feline Foundation awarded four grants totaling $118,137 to U.S. universities.  

Grants were awarded for the following research:

  • Development of a better treatment for a significant GI parasite causing disease, University of Tennessee-Knoxville ($21,775)
  • Evaluating a safer drug combination for sedation and general anesthesia, University of California-Davis ($27,378)
  • Finding a blood test differentiating an intestinal cancer (lymphoma) from inflammatory bowel disease, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine ($34,990)
  • Multi-center clinical trials for treating severe gum disease with stem cell therapy, University of California-Davis ($33,994) 

The Winn Feline Foundation is the only foundation focused exclusively on feline medical research support.

Photo credit: © iStock/w-ings