Professional pet oral care: still an educational challenge

Only 33% of dog owners regularly have their pets’ teeth cleaned by a veterinarian, according to Pet Product News. Instead, many of them are replacing those professional cleanings with treats.  

Indeed, according to a report published by Packaged Facts on Oct. 29, Pet Oral Care Products and Services in the U.S., business in the oral care products market appears to be booming.

Some of the report highlights, as reported by Pet Product News, include:

  • In 2014, oral care dog biscuit and treat sales reached $268 million and were 81% of total sales of pet oral care products.
  • Respondents were driven by price (41%) rather than veterinary recommendations  (36%) when choosing what brand to buy.
  • When it comes to what’s more effective, 43% of respondents believe that cleaning a pet’s teeth at home is just as good as a professional cleaning.

The good news is that consumers are seeing the need for oral care. The challenge is educating them on the value of a professional cleaning over treats and do-it-yourself options.

Photo credit: © iStock/Bradley Hebdon