Top pet products of 2015 awarded

Pet related spending in 2015 is expected to top $60 billion, according to American Pet Products. And as you might guess, innovation is leading the way and mirroring, in many respects, the times we live in.

Pet Business announced the winners of its 2015 Pet Business Annual Industry Recognition Awards this month. A sneak-peek of some of the more creative products include:

  • Bamboo training pads for new puppies that hold 3.5 liters of liquid
  • Puppy crates that convert into two-room playpens
  • Interactive ball launchers that send Fido running 10 to 40 feet
  • Emoticon-shaped stuffed toys for digitally inclined pets (and owners)
  • “Smart” food/water bowls that monitor eating habits via WiFi
  • Matching “friendship” collars and bracelets for pets and their owners (yes, really!)

Happy shopping and Happy New Year!

Photo credit: © iStock/w-ings