Four-legged pants for dogs hits the market

Lola, a Labradoodle (and the photographer's dog), models the four-legged pants. 

No, it’s not about wearing matching outfits. It’s about mud and, more specifically, about alleviating the time spent cleaning it off your favorite pooch.

Canadian Tim Skelly, owner of Muddy Mutts, had been producing the product with his wife for a niche market until images of the suits went viral, reported ABC’s Channel 7 Eye Witness News in California on Jan. 10. That’s when sales jumped by 2,800%. (There’s now a waiting list for the product.)

How do the pooches take to the suits? “[They look] funny the first time they try [a suit] on,” Skelly told NEWStat. “But they adjust very quickly and come to associate the coat with ‘going out for a walk.’”

Photo credit: Dave Chan, © 2016 Muddy Mutts

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