How to recognize employees this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about letting people know they are special and that includes employees. This week is your opportunity to do just that, and there are lots of simple ways, as a recent survey suggests.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) asked its LinkedIn membership how they say “thanks” to employees for a job well done. The list, published Nov. 1, 2015, included simple ways to show you care, many of which can be implemented in time for this Valentine’s Day.

Survey responses included:

  • Simply saying “thank you”
  • Writing a handwritten note
  • Giving a gift card to a local coffee house or restaurant
  • Giving a “little surprise” such as a favorite candy bar or beverage
  • Giving cash along with a symbol, such as a rubber duck, that becomes known for appreciation

If your gift giving extends to pets and/or patients, you won’t be alone. Twenty one percent of people buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, announced on Jan. 26.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: © iStock/Pogonici

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