AAHA announces NABA transition to AAHA-Accredited VMG Groups

AAHA is pleased to announce a new agreement with Veterinary Study Groups  (VSG) through which VSG will be AAHA’s provider for study group infrastructure, organization, and management.

Practices currently participating in the North American Business Association (NABA) with AAHA will be transitioning into “AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Management Groups” over the next few months.

The chairs of the five NABA groups, with counsel from senior AAHA staff and leaders from VSG, made a unanimous decision to transition NABA groups to AAHA-Accredited VMGs.

“AAHA is very pleased to announce this new collaboration with VSG,” said Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (C/F), chief executive officer of AAHA. “We are confident the AAHA-accredited VMG model will be very successful and we are anticipating robust growth in this new program.”

AAHA will be recruiting new members to join the AAHA-Accredited VMGs and VSG will be educating members of existing Veterinary Management Groups on the value of AAHA-accreditation. Currently, around 41 percent of practices in existing VMGs are accredited by AAHA.

“VSG has a long history with AAHA, with several founding members and current board members having served as AAHA president,” stated Link Welborn, DVM, president and board chair of VSG, “Together with AAHA, we have developed a platform that will enable greater levels of success for those participating in AAHA-Accredited VMG groups as well as AAHA and VSG. “

AAHA-accredited members interested in joining an AAHA-Accredited VMG group can contact Steve Curvey at 678-395-3470 or [email protected].

Photo credit: © iStock/guvendemir