CAPC releases 2016 canine parasite forecast

Spring is in the air and so, too, are parasite-transmitted diseases. What can you expect in your area? Luckily, there’s information available to answer that question.

On April 18, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) released its 2016 Parasite Forecasts. An online, interactive zip-code searchable map is also available so veterinary practices can monitor the prevalence of parasites in their area, and share that information with clients.

The information is also available in the free CAPC iTunes App. 

The annual Parasite Forecasts measure multiple data points to calculate the probability of a dog testing positive for the agents of four key parasite-transmitted diseases: Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and heartworm.

Highlights from the 2016 predictions include:

  • Ticks that carry Lyme disease have become established in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky. New England is forecasted to see below normal activity.
  • Ehrlichiosis, common to western Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, will have higher activity, as will Southern California and throughout the southeast, especially east of the Mississippi River.
  • Transmission of the agents of anaplasmosis will be a problem in northern California, New York state, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
  • Infection with heartworm transmitted by mosquitoes is expected to be above average nationwide. The hyper-endemic prevalence seen in the lower Mississippi River region will expand into eastern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southern Indiana.

The annual CAPC Parasite Forecasts are based on many factors including temperature, precipitation, and population density.