New treatment shows promise in stopping feline peritonitis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a viral infection of cats, is nearly 100 percent fatal. Now, thanks to early results on a new clinical trial, there is hope.

The Morris Animal Foundation recently reported that researchers at Kansas State University, Wichita State University, and the University of California, Davis, successfully blocked progression of FIP. The study was funded in part with a grant from Morris Animal Foundation, and the early results were reported on Aug. 31.

Researchers at Kansas State University and Wichita State University have been developing compounds that have broad anti-viral activity. In collaboration with UC Davis, they recently demonstrated that one of their research compounds stopped progression of disease and led to clinical recovery when given to cats with FIP.

“These findings showed that inhibiting growth of the virus is the critical component of treatment for FIP,” said Yunjeong Kim, PhD, one of the trial authors. “This will help us and other researchers to find a way to effectively manage or treat FIP in the future.

“Also, these findings have broader implications for other important coronavirus infections, since no antiviral drugs exist for human or animal coronaviruses.”

Photo credit: © iStock/Basnik

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