Offer your canine patients a unique treat: a dog art show

As fall approaches and thoughts turn to sponsoring a community event, you might consider stealing an idea from a recent canine art exhibit.

MORE TH>N, a U.K. pet insurance company, commissioned British artist Dominic Wilcox to develop an art exhibit geared to a canine viewing audience. The result was Play More, a dog-specific exhibit that ran in London from Aug. 19-20.

Wilcox consulted with veterinary experts and then developed a show that used blue and yellow exclusively, the only colors a dog can see, and displayed scenes of nature, chicken legs, and other dog-friendly imagery.

The installation also included interactive media, such as a car window simulator that allowed a dog patron to stick its head out the window while a fan blew scents of meat, fish, and other canine-enticing scents its way.

Photo courtesy of MORE TH>N

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