AAHA transitioning to accredited-only hospital membership model

Sometimes, evolving also means revisiting and revising a course of direction. So it is with AAHA.

Over the next two years, AAHA will transition to an accredited only hospital membership model. That transition will be completed by June 30, 2018.

Nonaccredited practices have until July 1, 2017 to enter into an agreement to become AAHA accredited. Any nonaccredited practices that have not switched voluntarily will have their membership converted to an individual membership for the practice owner/medical director.

Accreditation is the foundation of what AAHA does, and does best. However, by including a separate category that allowed hospital membership for those that were not accredited, AAHA inadvertently created confusion in the marketplace for what constitutes an “AAHA member hospital.” 

Multiple factors contributed to this strategic decision. One factor, as noted, is a need to clarify any market confusion about what constitutes an “AAHA member hospital,” in part because pet owners are increasingly using accreditation as part of their selection criteria. Another factor is to prioritize accreditation, its core business.

By refocusing on its core business, AAHA will be positioned to better serve its accredited members. It also encourages nonaccredited hospitals that provide excellence in veterinary care to become formally recognized via accreditation. 

Photo credit: © iStock/jackaldu