Consumer preferences trend to natural and organic pet food

If your clinic is selling pet food, you’ve no doubt noticed that recalls are becoming part of life. They are also spurring client spending on “natural” and “organic” pet food. At least, that’s what a recent report suggests.

Packaged Facts, a division of, released its report Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the U.S., 6th Edition, and noted that consumers perceive that natural and organic products are purer and safer than regular products. Product safety and the potential for contamination are also a consumer concern.

The report was published on Oct. 12.  

Packaged Facts also identified three key trends affecting pet food market growth:

  • Grain-Free Pet Food: The grain-free movement has become a large part of the pet food market and has crossed the boundaries into more conventional products.
  • Increased Transparency: Consumer education has resulted in a demand that labels accurately reflect the contents of the product.
  • Availability of Grass-Fed and Free-Range Protein Sources: Pet owners committed to both high quality foods and ethical food production view grass-fed and free-range proteins as worth the cost.

Photo credit: © iStock/Mikhail Melnikau