Therapy dogs relieve Capitol Hill post-election stress

No doubt, your favorite furry friend helped relieve some of the post-election stress. Luckily, the folks on Capitol Hill were able to do the same.

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, Pet Partners, the Pet Leadership Council, and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council teamed up to bring therapy dogs to help Capitol Hill staffers on Nov. 9. The dogs helped staffers relieve stress, cheer up, and find comfort, reported Roll Call, a news source on Capitol Hill.

For an hour and a half, five therapy dogs were available and a steady stream of staffers flowed through the room where they were located. The election was not discussed much inside the room.

“Out of everything in the country right now, no one needs it more than Capitol Hill,” said Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

Photo credit: © iStock/Halfpoint

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