Help your clients solve cat behavior issues

Behavior is an important aspect of pet ownership and bad behavior can lead to people surrendering their pets to shelters. Tackling behavior is a big issue, particularly for cats, who are commonly considered less trainable than dogs. AAHA’s pet behavior brochures are targeted to help clients who are facing behavioral issues at home and have been updated to fit the latest guidelines offered by AAHA.

As December is our focus on becoming more feline friendly, consider the cat-specific titles AAHA has to offer: Taking the Hassle Out of Housetraining your Kitty, Litter Box Blues, Scaredy Cat, Destructive Cats, The Feisty Feline, and Senior Moments.

Below are a few key tips found in these brochures.

Taking the Hassle Out of Housetraining Your Kitty: Cats are creatures of habit. Once you find a litter, litter box, and location your cat likes, stick with it.

Litter Box Blues: Solving Housesoiling Problems: Some reasons your cat might not be using the litter box include environmental or social changes like getting a new couch or new cat; changes in litter box location, box type, or style; cleanliness of the litter box; availability of more desirable locations to eliminate; problems in relationships between your cat and other pets or people in the home.

Scaredy Cat: Helping Cats and Kittens with Fear: One way to start could be to protect your cat from an overwhelming situation, for example, putting them in a quiet room when there are a lot of people over.

Find AAHA’s pet behavior brochures in our online press store.