5 Questions with Laura Boone

The “5 Questions with…” series is meant to promote upcoming sessions at AAHA’s Nashville conference that are sure to be popular and relevant topics. Learn a little more about the sessions that will be available for you and your team members to attend. AAHA Nashville 2017 takes place from March 30 – April 2. You can register on our website.

Laura Boone, executive coach and managing partner at Fortune Management, provides hands-on coaching for doctors and teams. Her business coaching is designed to empower her clients and their teams to achieve consistent and sustainable results. She will be presenting for Trends Executive Edge at Nashville, focusing on leadership aspects of management. Her sessions will take place nearly all day Saturday, April 1, with “Understanding the CEO Mentality” and “Advanced Business & Leadership Skills” taking place in the morning and “Achieving Practice Greatness” and “Elegant Communication” in the afternoon.

Could you give me a brief background on your expertise on this topic?

I am speaking on several topics during this conference from Leadership to Profitability to Elegant Communication.  For over three decades I have worked with doctors and have found that you don’t grow a business, you grow the person.  Therefore, who you are as a leader will "make or break" your success as a business owner.  I believe in CANI—"Constant And Never-ending Improvement" and have always been a student.  Even while attaining my BS and MBA, I was enrolling in a Coaching Program, attending courses, and constantly "sharpening the saw."

What is a key takeaway you hope people will get from your educational sessions?

Staying hungry for personal and professional growth.  You do not grow a business unless you grow and inspire the people around you.

What are you looking forward to about the educational experience at conference?

A leader inspires curiosity and growth.  I learn as much from my audience, their questions, and current concerns as they do from me.  ​Being surrounded by "like-minded" people that want to make a difference in this industry makes this work incredibly purposeful. 

What is the future of Trends Executive Edge and where would you like to see it go?

The ONE thing that is certain in life is "CHANGE is constant." Being open to the possibilities and learning from each other will keep this industry on top. We cannot be teaching the same methods that were taught years ago. People change, economics change, technology changes....and our clients change. Demands are different.  ​

What’s a question you wish more people asked about your topic?

Why is leadership and developing leaders in my practice so important?

Everyone needs a coach...why?