Help for Houston from PetWell Partners



PetWell Partners is offering free services and supplies for pets sickened or injured during Tropical Storm Harvey.

The Houston-based company owns and operates 22 veterinary hospitals in multiple states across the United States, with several in the Houston area. The company has already reopened eight of its clinics in and around Houston, the Houston Chronicle reports, and will be offering basic screening and treatments at some locations starting this week.

David Strauss, co-founder of PetWell Partners, said the company has received thousands of dollars in donations so far, which will be used to help employees who have suffered property loss or damage recover from the disaster.

“We have felt the full impact of our team's size, heart, strength, and resilience throughout this storm.” Strauss said. “We took in our fellow colleagues who were evacuated during the storm. We are helping one another with the very hard and dirty work of cleaning up as the flood waters recede. And we are coordinating carpools for those who have lost their vehicles.” 

In addition, the company has received tens of thousands of donations in supplies, medicine, and food that will be provided free to those affected by the storm.

“Throughout this ordeal we have kept the health and wellbeing of our pets and the animals we take care of at the very forefront of what we do,” Strauss said. “The Houston Chronicle covered our announcement that we will be offering free services and supplies for pets sickened or injured during the storm, and the response has been amazing.”

PetWell Partners announced this summer that it is seeking AAHA accreditation for all of its current and future veterinary hospital locations. PetWell is the first-ever corporate veterinary group to make this level of commitment to veterinary hospital accreditation.

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Photo credit: iStock/Karl Spencer

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